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Our Retail Specialists Network is a team of Sell Through Specialists ready to help you:

  • Gain prime positioning for your brands
  • Make sure your products are on-shelf and in the proper location
  • Train associates to present your products in the manner they deserve
  • Present your marketing & PR materials to the associates on the floor
  • Provide you with up-to-the-minute data on your efforts and findings
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FRS Sell Through Specialists can help ensure your products have the best chance of selling! Whether you need a new display set-up, a POG reset, or general ongoing merchandising – we’ve got the team in place to help you secure your real estate and move your products out the door.

  • In Store Merchandising
  • POP Display Sets
  • POG Resets
  • Merchandising Photos
  • Signage Updates


You probably receive POS data and you have a general idea of what’s selling and where. But maybe you have a seasonal product that needs to be sent back to the warehouse, or you have a packaging change and you just don’t know the best way to tackle it. We can help you!

  • Product Audits
  • Inventory Buy-backs
  • Price Re-stickering
  • Repackaging
  • Brand Tag Placement
  • Backroom Organization


You’ve spent a significant amount of marketing dollars on advertising and PR. But how much of that actually makes it to the staff on the floor? We can help deliver your message.

  • Employee Training
  • Promotional Collateral
  • Promotion Management
  • Contests/SPIFF Management
  • Product Demonstrations
  • New Item Launches
  • Competitor Analysis